Friday, November 20, 2009

On Bellow

It is a toss up for my favorite book from this class between "The Actual" and "City on the Make." It's pretty hard to compare them really, because they are such drastically different narratives. The Actual was a very interesting peak into high society, sort of in the way the Lee gave us that peek into high society as well. It exposes the ridiculousness of rich people's lives in a way that a lot of us would never know: Hugh's demands to have his peas on the North/East corner of his plate and if it's place is wrong re-assigning that poor person who did it wrong to the garage. In a similar light, the Adletsky's are engaged in a ridiculous purchase of furniture that is of no consequence to them. It seems merely a game to them, because they have to find something to do to pass their days, spend their money etc. It is also interesting in The Actual to see the middle class characters surviving and living amongst the upper class. The scene with Amy and Madge in the bathroom shows a very interesting power dynamic between the classes. Overall The Actual manages to pack in a lot in a very short amount of space and I look forward to reading more Bellow!

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