Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Haunted Location: Blood's Point

There’s a haunted location I considered for my project called Blood’s Point. I decided that it was probably too far from Chicago to work for the project, but I still figure it’s blog-worthy. Blood’s Point consists of Blood’s Point Road and Blood’s Point Cemetery, and it’s located out in the middle of nowhere between Rockford and DeKalb, IL. This is a place I’d been a few times growing up, and I recently revisited and research some more on the place.

How could a place called Blood’s Point not be haunted, especially when it has a cemetery, right? But the name actually comes from Arthur Blood, who established a farm on the road in 1835. So the next thought is that the place isn’t actually haunted, maybe it just gets its reputation from the name? Either way, there are lots of stories about Blood’s Point, including a haunted barn, a haunted bridge, a haunted cemetery, a witch, and a ghost truck.

You can’t really find Blood’s Point unless you know where it is, because the road signs are constantly vandalized. If you do find it, you’ll see a foundation from an old barn. One rumor is that the barn appears and disappears. Supposedly Arthur killed his family there; another rumor is that a local witch (who is buried in a nearby cemetery, but not the Blood’s Point cemetery) hung his children off a bridge on Blood’s Point, which is now supposedly haunted.

The cemetery is also supposedly haunted, and pictures of orbs are online, as well as pics of “hands” and “faces.” There is a shed there that is said to be haunted. In addition, there is supposed to be a truck that chases you if you drive on Blood’s Point Road, especially if you stop on the bridge. Local stories tell of a black truck all a

round the area; it could be a prankster, but supposedly the truck disappears in front of your eyes after chasing you out of the area.

So I went out there with some friends to get some pictures for you guys. I also stopped by car on the bridge – nothing happened of course. And no one chased us. I did get a lot of light spots in my pictures of the cemetery. I took a picture in a completely different location at the same time of day for comparison, and these lights spots do appear at dusk it seems. However, I got maybe two of them in a bunch of pics at the “control” location, but TONS at the Blood’s Point cemetery. You can decide for yourself:

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