Saturday, November 21, 2009

Graduate Application

Why am I so frightened? Why Am I in fear? Why do I feel discouraged before the deadline is here? Why do I feel less adequate than others that are near? Why do I feel ashamed to be tested in this year?

I am so afraid to take the GRE and submit my graduate application. I know that I have had a rigorous undergraduate education and have learned quite a bit. I have studied hard, read a great deal, and absorbed an extreme amount of information. However, I have taken a GRE prep class and it frightened me more than words can explain.

What is fueling my anxiety is my current workstudy position. All day I open GMAT scores and transcripts of applicants applying to the MBA, MSA, or MIS programs their scores are through the the roof, especially from the international applicants. I have to tell applicants all day long that "although we do not have a minimum score our applicants are averaging a 610." Wow, many say that the score is high, other schools are in the 500's. I apologize and wish the applicant luck. Now, I am scared to death! I have been told that my GRE will not be the only determinant of the application but I am still scared. WHY?

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