Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Carl Sandburg Children Poems

I went to the library to revisit Carl Sandburg for my blog and I stumbled upon a book of children's poems that he had written. I thought they were really cute and interesting. Since I am a mother I enjoy reading children's book just so that I can know what's out there for my children to enjoy. I chose the word "stumbled" across when mentioning his book because a poem called "Stumbling" is my favorite. It is as follows:

Stumbling is where you walk and find you are not walking
Stumbling is where you find yourself spread on the ground / instead of your feet.
Stumbling is where your feet try to make a fool of you.
Stumbling is to go where you are not looking when you mean to go where you are looking.
Stumbling is to get your feet mixed so you go down.
Stumblers are two kinds, those who laugh and those who cry.
Stumblers are two kinds, those who come up quick and those who say, "Where am I?"
If you never want to stumble be a fish or a bird.

To me, this poem was cute and uplifting, even for an adult. A child could read it and and understand that they are not they only ones who stumble when trying to master the art of walking. However, as I read it, I thought about life. Sometimes there are things in life that trip you up and you stumble. You looked back and say, "Wow, how did I ever get over that hump?" But it was inspiring because he gave me, as well as a child two opposing options of the type of stumbler you would be. You could be the one who "laughs" or the one who "cries." I like the laughter.

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  1. I like Sandburg's poems too. You have wonderful insights about him~ :)