Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cuba Road

I live near one of the most storied haunted areas in Illinois; if you Google "Cuba Road," you'll find endless amounts of haunting stories based on the cemetery, the supposed location of a former insane asylum and the road itself which I heard all through high school.

The road itself is located just north of Barrington in the far northwest suburbs of Chicago (just east of Old Barrington Road) and is home to White Cemetery which dates back to the 1820s. People continue to cite unexplainable happenings and floating "orbs" as characteristics of the site which was also formerly home to the "Rainbow Road Mansion", barn, and silo. The mansion burned down in the early 2000's but the silo and the barn are still standing along haunted Rainbow Road just off of Cuba Road. There is a supposed gangster connection with the site especially in reference to Baby Face Nelson which I've heard a few times but can probably never be verified.

The above picture is the entrance to rainbow road which is heavily guarded by shotgun-wielding police on Halloween and the swing picture was taken on the mansion property.

Some of my friends visited Cuba/Rainbow road in high school by car and reported that their car stalled and all their cell phones shut off as they turned onto Rainbow road. I've driven by during the daytime but I've never had the pleasure of experiencing Cuba road at night. It's definitely something I'd be interested in.

There are pages of Cuba Road stories, pictures, and videos at this link.

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