Sunday, November 1, 2009


This post will be a bit short because it sort of ties into my previous post. Although Algren's language was tough to grab onto at first, it was worth pressing my way through. I hear an abundance of slang in my daily life, I am engaged to a hip-hop artist. It is often difficult to read some of his lyrics but listening to them comes with ease. This is what I had to do for Algren. I had to isolate myself and read aloud. This was how the story came to life for me and I could begin to envision some of these things. I also understand that phrases are here today and gone tomorrow so I did not spend too much time on things I would probably never know. I had great patience with it because I read rap lyrics and song lyrics that are extremely hard without the accompanied melody. I did not relate to the Chicago he spoke of but I tried to.

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  1. I read it allowed also, Tish, and it reminded me of hip hop lyrics as well.