Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The sketchy Harry Trellman

I think it’s funny that in all the time we talked about The Actual we didn’t discuss how totally sketchy Harry Trellman is. His whole fixation with appearing Chinese? And how secretive he is about his past and his career? Dude is totally suspect.

When discussing his profession he says, “Not that there is much to hide. But something about me hints that there is.” (2) Well, if there’s nothing to hide, why is he so circuitous? Or when he says, “Looking vaguely Chinese would not be enough to prevent discover. . . I mean exposure.” (3) Which does he mean? What is there to be exposed?

I wondered at the beginning if his life is so boring that he creates artificial mystery for the listener, or if he is actually involved in unsavory activities?

Later on he tells us, “It gave me an incomprehensible satisfaction to deny almost everyone access my thoughts and opinions.” (63) So I guess it’s just a power play. Which makes the character even less likeable, or rather, less knowable which makes me like him less.

“I was prepared by now to make my peace with my species. For most of them, I am aware in hindsight, I generally had a knife within reach.” (63) Well, at least the distrust is mutual.

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