Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kuma's Corner

Kuma’s Corner is a Chicago burger joint that promotes not only great burgers and small company beers, but also metal. Not your Poison-Europe-Skid Row type a metal, but your Metallica-Slayer-Morbid Angel-Dying Fetus kind of metal.

I’m a big metal head so the music definitely grabs my attention, but even if you’ve never listened to any metal before, except for the go-to Metallica, that shouldn’t stop you from checking this place out. All the burgers, twenty-one in total, are named after some of their favorite bands. For example, The Judas Priest has bacon, bleu cheese dressing with apples, walnuts, and dried cranberries. Can you guess why they have fruit on this burger? Another example is the Led Zeppelin. It comes with their specially made pulled pork, bacon, cheddar, and pickles. This one is my favorite. All the burgers are served on a pretzel bun too. I suggest that before you go here make sure you have an empty stomach, because you will find yourself incredibly full and ready to unbuckle your pants after you chow down your burger and drink your three beers – three is the magic number.

They also have some rules they have set up, sometimes humorous, sometimes serious. I’m never really sure which one it is. They do not take reservations. This is because the place is so small. This is also my biggest problem with the place. You may end up waiting longer than you were expecting if you go with a group of five. Make sure you bring enough money to buy a few drinks while your waiting. Another rule they post is, “we will not ‘put on the game, bro.’ They try to keep this heavy metal vibe, which they definitely do. They refuse to put on any sports game, thank God, and instead play crazy movies that usually are in some sort of horror category. You could probably find a bar down the block with the sports game on. Instead of playing ESPN all day they play some interesting movies. If you know some of the stuff metal musicians sing about you could probably take a guess on what kind of movies are going to be played at this lovely metal bar. Their third rule is no music requests. Just relax and enjoy what they play. The fourth is no minors after 10pm, because of the sometimes graphic movies they play. And their last rule is to be patient, because their kitchen is only 16x16. The kitchen is small but once your seated the food is usually out within forty-five minutes. Sometimes even quicker depending on how crowded the place is.

So if your looking for a new place to check out with some buds or your significant other take a stroll to Kuma’s Corner where you will be served metal up the…

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