Friday, December 4, 2009

Fire Sale #2

Fire Sale #2

After I finished:

Great Character––V.I. Warshawski

After tensions were resolved, I was not very surprised. There was a long string of clues that took a long time to arrive to an inevitable conclusion.

Paretsky has an agenda and it is very noticeable: workers' rights at a big box store, gangs & basketball as their only hope, class issues, the giant chasm that exists between the haves and have nots etc...I don't mind as it is timely and apropos.

Warshawski is the righteous problem solver super hero. She fixes the injustices all over the town. From the small things to the big things. Warshawski's character was consistent, deep and tough. I like her, I don't like the clients & suspects she deals with, and I want her to figure everything out and kick some ass. I want to see the good gal beat up the bad guy. It vicariously heals all the injustices I have dealt with in the past.

Of all people, Warshawski reminded me of the John McClane (Bruce Willis) DIE HARD character. She gets wounded in the first scene, she is then hospitalized, and ends up a walking corpse by the end of the book being hospitalized again. She is beaten up and still relentless.

I don't really have a lot to say about the writing. It is competent and it appropriately delivers the story without getting in the way or drawing attention to itself. In that regard, i was not a participant. more of an observer of the cinematic story.

I think this would make a great movie. It seems to be overflowing with attitude from each character. I have yet to see the film that was already made in 1991.

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