Friday, December 11, 2009


When christened at birth with the name Al, you are either destined to become a plumber or go into the Italian food business. For our sake, thank God that this one Al ended up in the later. I am referring of course to the delectable, delicious, positively divine Al’s Italian Beef on Taylor. My life was changed at first taste. Positively scrumcious!

“The perfect Italian beef sandwich begins with slow oven roasted, perfectly Italian seasoned beef, tender and extremely lean, sliced amazingly thin. Spices and seasonings used in its preparation include only the freshest natural products that ultimately produce our 100% natural beef gravy.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. The gravy is wicked awesome too. You have the option of dipping your beef. All the times I have gone, I have never had my sandwich dipped, but lord was it soggy. I figure if I get it dipped it will have to be served in a pint glass.

Al’s beef sandwiches are the definition of Chicago. Simple, yet totally complex. The everyman’s sandwich. The fries are pretty awesome too. Oh and the cheese. The cheese can be a meal on its own. I may or may not have eaten it with a spoon.

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