Monday, December 7, 2009

Gary Stocl: a ghost onn the streets of Chicago

I heard about the photographer Gary Stocl from a friend who was doing a project on him. What I learned from my friend was that Gary Stocl lived in the suburbs of Chicago, in the basemen of his parent's house, never working, but instead going down town almost everyday, haunting the streets, taking pictures. One day, apparently after his parents passed away and perhaps he needed money, he took his pictures to Columbia College, down town and showed them to a photography teacher who was amazed by what he saw. Stocl's photos, up until that point, may not have ever been seen by any one but himself.

He now has a book: On City Streets: Chicago, 1964-2004

His photographers are really amazing, and it is interesting to think about someone on the streets of Chicago, capturing pictures, beautiful and amazing pictures, for so many years, with no one really noticing, and him not making himself known.

His work is definately worth checking out, weather on line or in his book.

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