Friday, December 11, 2009


I can't understand the people who sit in an empty row of seats on the train and instead of sliding in towards the window, they maintain their position in the aisle seat. Now this doesn't pose much of a problem on empty trains, but there's been numerous times in the morning when the train is jam packed and there's people standing all around while the lone empty window seat remains unoccupied! All the while the aisle seat elitist appears to not have a clue as to what's going on! Rage!

Move Over. Don't make me crawl over you to sit down. Move Over. Or at least get up to let someone get into the window seat.

Additionally, what happens to people's basic etiquette on the train? When I happen to be seated in an aisle seat (and of course there's someone seated in the window seat) and the window seat occupant's stop arrives, more times than not, instead of a polite "excuse me", "out please" or even "move" all I get is the person pressing his/her body into mine alerting me that they want out. Perhaps I should become the reverse "aisle seat elitist" and instead make people climb over me to get out.

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