Monday, December 7, 2009

The Green Mill and The Chicago Poetry Slam

The Green Mill, located at the intersection of Lawrence Ave and Broadway Ave, just off the Lawrence Red Line stop, is famous for music, namely Jazz. The Green Mill, as we learned in class is also an old Speak Easy. Now, on Sunday nights, the Green Mill is over run with poets. Slam Poets. Every Sunday night, from 7-10 PM, for just $6, you can see and even participate in a great show.

From 7 to 8 there is open mic, from 8-9 there is a special guest poet or poets or a musician, and from 9-10 is the SLAM!

The Poetry Slam was created by Marc Smith ( who still hosts the show, every Sunday night, and he is quite entertaining. Cranky, funny and compassionate about the two things he seems to love most, Chicago and Poetry, Marc Smith never dissapoints an audience.

The Green Mill is definately worth checking out on a Sunday night, and if you're feeling brave sign up for the open mic, and if you're feeling really brave, get there early and secure yourself a spot in the Slam!

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