Friday, December 4, 2009

The Ghostly Smell of Chocolate

Every wonder why it smells like chocolate when you're walking the streets of down town or making your way to class on the campus of UIC? It is because you are within smelling limits of the Blommer's Chocolate factory!

Located at 600 West Kinzie, it is the cause of the delightful and sometimes nauseating odor of chocolate.

They do tours, and they have a small store in the front of the factory where you can pick up bulk chocolate, so if the smell didn't overwhelm you and you're still in the mood for chocolate, it is a great place to pick up some high quality chocolate for cheap!

Kinzie, being a street I take often, I have been privy to seeing the tankers of Chocolate pull up and pump chocolate through their giant hoses, into the building. The workers run around all suited up like they are austronauts, and one time I got to see a chocolate spill, and they were sweeping and hosing the chocolate down the hill. Made me want to pull over my bike and help clean up the street with my tongue! A very cool Chicago factory.

Link to their home page where you can learn more about tours:

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