Friday, October 23, 2009

Random Chicago Stuff

I am a Chicago girl to the fullest. I have lived my whole life within 15 miles of the loop, and I can’t imagine ever calling anywhere else home. There is so much about the city that fascinates me, and I feel like every time I go anywhere, there is an amazing story to be had. Chicago is a city of stories; we have a vast abundance of ghost stories, as we have seen, and history, and literature, and mystery and crime and so many other things. Each neighborhood is a mosaic of the way things used to be, and the way things are, and, if we look close enough, the way things are about to become. Everything about Chicago is alive and electric—our public transportation, our parks, our people. Chicago emits life; it may be a tough life, we are a city filled with underdogs who have learned to pull ourselves up by our boot straps, but that makes the stories all that much more interesting. Every person who visits Chicago, every resident, everyone at all who has contact with this city has a story to tell. There is no such thing as bordem or stagnation in Chicago. It is a place of wonder and awe, it is gritty and tough, it is the underdog and the conqueror.
I’ve traveled to lots of other cities around the country and the world, and although they’re all very amazing, nowhere has emitted the electricity that Chicago does. Chicago is a little bit of what all the other cities of the world have to offer, but with a dark underbelly of mysticism and suspense and grime and fear that makes it such a fantastic place. NYC is “the city that never sleeps;” they don’t know that Chicago never does either. We might turn the lights off in the downtown area, but the city is always buzzing with people on the streets, modern gangsters and ghost hunters roaming the city long after people have retired to bed. San Francisco, “the city by the bay” has nothing on Lake Michigan. While they have a salty bay that keeps the clouds looming, we have an endless piece of blue that brings cool breezes and a refreshing piece of nature to such a metropolis. Paris might be “the city of lights” but no matter how many lamps they put on their Eiffel tower, it will never rival the glittering wonder of the Magnificent Mile at Christmas, or the view of the skyline from the lake, complete with the Ferris wheel on Navy Pier illuminated with a thousand tiny bulbs that can put Paris to shame. And it works that way for every city. No matter what they have to offer, Chicago has something just as good—and so much more.

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