Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Random Blog: Ed Gein

Okay so we’re supposed to have six blogs about “ghosts/mysteries/weirdness/ whatever,” and here’s my first.

I mentioned on the first day of class that my great aunt was visited by Ed Gein.  Ed Gein was the guy who inspired Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and according to Wikipedia Psycho and Silence of the Lambs as well.  He wasn’t a serial killer though, because he only killed two people, and you have to kill three people to be considered a serial killer (fascinating, eh?).  He just liked to dig up graves and do weird things with dead bodies. 

I know all this crap about Mr. Gein because oddly enough, when I was a freshman in my first speech class I decided to do a speech on Ed Gein!  Who knows why on earth I thought that would be a good idea.  I must have looked like a psycho weird girl.  I’m pretty sure everyone else just talked about their dogs or how to knit a scarf, and I get up there and talk about this guy… but anyway, I digress.

So the story of my great aunt goes like this.  She was at home alone one night.  Her and her husband lived out in the boondocks of Wisconsin, near nothing, on a farm.  I forget where her husband was, but he was gone and my aunt was on the phone with her sister, my grandmother.  My grandmother explained that someone came to the door and my great aunt answered, still on the phone with my grandmother.  The guy wanted to know if he could come in and use the phone, saying his car broke down.  My aunt told him that her husband was in the bathtub so he wouldn’t think she was alone, but then told him he couldn’t use the phone because she was on it.  My grandmother was insisting she didn’t hang up.  So, I guess the guy got really upset and looked as if he was about to force his way in, so my aunt shut the door and locked up.  Ed hung around for a while afterwards, though, outside.  The next day my aunt found out from the police that ol’ Ed had been in the area robbing graves.  He liked to dig up women who he thought looked like his dead mother…  Who knows what he wanted with my great aunt, seeing as she was alive, but maybe she looked like the woman, or maybe she didn’t and that’s why Ed finally left.  Either way, creepy.

I’ll leave you with a fun fact.  Here are the things police found in Gein’s home after he was arrested:

- Four noses

- Bone fragments

- Nine death masks

- A bowl made from a skull

- Ten female heads with the tops sawed off

- Human skin covering several chair seats

- Pieces of salted genitalia in a box

- Skulls on his bedposts

- Organs in the refrigerator

- A pair of lips on a string

Hope you aren’t eating while reading this!


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